Conversación en un aeropuerto


Hoy os contamos algunas de las frases más comunes que vais a tener que usar y entender cuando estéis en un aeropuerto y tengáis que hablar en inglés.

At the  Desk Information

Agent: Hi. Good morning. How may I help you?

You: Hello! We are flying to London and our flight leaves in 3 hours. Could you please tell us where we can do our check-in?

Agent: What’s your flight number?

You: BA4312. It leaves in 3 hours from terminal 3.

Agent:  You can check it at counter 367.


At the counter

Agent : Hello. May I see your tickets and passports please?

Agent: Do you have any luggage that you need to check in?

You: Yes. We have one suitcase.

Agent: The maximum weight that is allowed in the check in is 15kgs. Is your suitcase under 15 kgs?

You: Yes. I think so.

Agent: Please put your luggage on the scale.

Agent: Okay. It`s is under 15kgr. Do you prefer the seats on the aisle or near the window?

Agent:  I have given you  seats next to the wings so that you  can also have extra leg room.

You: That’s so kind of you. Thank you! We really appreciate it.

Agent: My pleasure! Here are your boarding passes. Have a great flight!



Check-in: facturación

Counter: mostrador

Baggage/ Luggage: equipaje en general

Suitcase: maleta

Layover: escala

Boarding pass: tarjeta de embarque

Window seat: asiento de ventana

Aisle seat: asiento de pasillo

Leg room: espacio para las piernas

Baggage Claim: recogida de equipaje

Life vest: chaleco salvavidas

Overhead bin: compartimento superior

Customs: aduana