Grammar Time! Pelis y series en inglés

Algunas películas y series para ver en inglés

Ya sabéis que una manera de reforzar vuestro inglés es viendo pelis y series en inglés. Aprenderéis además nuevas expresiones, generalmente coloquiales pero que os ayudarán a que vuestro inglés sea más fluido. Leed las recomendaciones que os dimos anteriormente en nuestro blog.  Aquí os pasamos algunas propuestas que os pueden resultar interesantes. Por supuesto, en inglés, para que vayáis practicando.

The King

This is a Netflix Original movie about King Henry the fifth of england who lived during the 15th century.

Now this one is fantastic because not only will you improve your English but you´ll also learn about British history .

If you like movies about history or about war and strategy this one is pefect for you.


Oceans 11 and Oceans 12

Both of them have a stellar cast: Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Brad Pitt just to name a few.

This movie is heist movie, do yo know what that means. A heist is basically a well planned out robbery so watching this you´ll be on the edge of your seat that means you´ll be in suspense wondering.


My Neighbor Totoro

It is an adorable film as is the case with many anime it actually covers really Deep tough real-life problems like having a loved.

You can relaxed and learn English this a a great choice

Changing genres completely I wanted to include at least one animated film for kids, this is great for learning english because so often it have high quality


And if you prefer a serie, Friends is a very good option.